Check Yo’self ‘fore you Wreck Yo’self: What Ice Cube Taught Me About Incident Response Metrics presented at Converge 2014

by Dave Trollman,

Summary : Speakers David Trollman Converge Conference DetroitExec’s and PTB’s love theyselves some charts and graphs. People who do real work – like you – hate making charts and graphs. However, people who do real work – like you – love getting PAID. Plus, you want to be able to buy the right tools and training to make your job easier. So what story do you tell (or don’t you tell) with your metrics? Do you get the cash you need to bust heads like Doughboy in “Boyz N The Hood” or are you flat broke like Russell in “Janky Promoters”? I’ll explain how a misspent childhood listening to Cube and a previously worthless Economics degree gave me a the right maths and datas to explain how my team is becoming a faster, better, and more comprehensive (and better equipped) incident response team. My discussion might be about metrics, but I promise you will learn something you can take back – and get a couple of laughs.