Practical PowerShell Programming for Professional People presented at Converge 2014

by Ben0xa ,

Summary : The best hackers are those that can write their own tools or modify existing ones. Regardless of whether you are blue team, red team, purple team, white hat, gray hat, or black hat, PowerShell should be in your repository of tools. While I encourage people to learn other languages as well, PowerShell is a dynamic tool and should not be overlooked. This talk is meant to be an introductory (101) session for PowerShell. I will be giving you a crash course in PowerShell scripting that will equip you to create practical PowerShell scripts for defense, offense, and even some fun things to mess around with people. This talk is designed for anyone who has never done any PowerShell or just starting to learn. Bring your laptop with PowerShell 3.0 or later, and your favorite text editor (like SublimeText) installed so you can script along with me. You will be able to write a functioning PowerShell script by the end of this talk! Come see the potential power you can unlock by learning PowerShell; and to see how often I can abuse the letter P!