I Am The Cavalry: Lessons Learned Fuzzing the Chain of Influence presented at HOPE 2014

by Beau Woods, Andrea m. Matwyshyn, Geoff Shively, Jen Ellis,

Summary : I Am The Cavalry is a relatively new grassroots organization with volunteers from around the world, focused on issues where computer security intersects public safety and human life. Their mission is to ensure that these technologies are worthy of the trust we place in them. Manufacturers of medical devices, automobiles, home electronics, and public infrastructure have been quickly adopting computing technologies. Our dependence on computer technology is increasing faster than our ability to safeguard ourselves. Our technology has advanced to the point where we no longer have to ask “can we?” but we rarely ask “should we?” The hope is to fix this through education, outreach, and research. Hear lessons learned from fuzzing the chain of influence, getting root in the C-Suite, escaping echo chamber sandboxing, initiating two-way handshakes, and building human protocol-aware processes, etc.