Out-Connect the Threats presented at RSAASIAJapan 2014

by Han Chon,

Summary : The fact is, and challenge can be, that our users now connect in more ways than ever before. More than ever, end-to-end security is a key focus for Dell. In this session, we will explore the most critical security challenges and protect the good guys from the bad guys. The flip side is - The bad guys are ALSO more connected than any other time. And they have taken on many names: Cybercriminals, Spammers, Spear-Phishers. Because of these attackers, Dell has pulled out all of the stops to out-connect the threat. Not only do you want to protect your business from increasingly prevalent threats, but you also want to safeguard your users. Dell’s Connected Security brings together previously siloed security solutions– next-gen firewalls, secure mobile access, email security, identity and access management, data protection and encryption– and merges their intelligence to create an organic unified system that protects customers better - See more at: http://www.rsaconference.com/events/ap14/agenda/sessions/1494/out-connect-the-threats#sthash.TyZzLLhp.dpuf