New Approaches for Defending IT in Today’s Threat Landscape presented at RSAASIAJapan 2014

by Bret Hartman,

Summary : To protect against the multitude of attack vectors, IT professionals must cope with the complexity of modern networked environments and deploy pervasive defenses to secure their infrastructure. Today’s sophisticated, targeted attacks have grown in frequency, severity and complexity. Malware is the weapon of choice for attackers and it can now take many forms. The evolving trends of mobility, cloud computing and collaboration are paving the way for new attack techniques we couldn’t have anticipated a few years ago. To defend against these sophisticated threats requires that CISOs and CIOs protect themselves by thinking like an attacker. Critical to accomplishing this is first understanding the modern threat landscape and how a threat-centric approach to security can increase the effectiveness of threat prevention. Bret will provide an overview of today’s dynamic threat landscape and outline how CISOs and CIOs can protect their environments across the attack continuum - before, during and after an attack. - See more at: