Intergalactic Plantary: Internetz! presented at ToorCamp 2014

by Aaron Grattafiori,

Summary : In this talk, Aaron will cover the basics of spacecraft communication, challenges for that communication, and future systems such as the galactic internet. A discussion on what an interplaentary internet (outernet?) is currently planned to look like and could look like will be covered, with a lens of security for these proposed systems. Come learn about what protocols are in use, how to secure the future of space pr0n, how Vint Cerf is still rockin it, and why lasers are shooting out from the moon.
Some thought experiments will be had, some appreciation of the vastness of space revisited. Lets hack on and secure the future internet today, we don’t want ARP spoofing on Mars, NSA mass monitoring for “astroterrorists”, a lack of strict transport security, or finally, risk aliens sniffing our space packets. “Go ahead put my rhymes on trial. You stick around I’ll make it worth your while.”