What I Learned by Running Socially Responsible Hackathons presented at ToorCamp 2014

by Noah Swartz,

Summary : Since Aaron’s death in January 2013 I and a number of Aaron’s friends have run two iterations of memorial hackathons in Aaron’s name, in an effort to channel some of the anger at the prosecution that he dealt with and anger at the government for any number of issues discovered via leaks over the last few years. We had a large number of events across many countries, and a large number of projects started in the name of tech activism. I’d like to share what I learned from organizing these events, in the form of a brief primer on how to get engaged participants who want to do social good. I’d also like to share some of the work that was done at these events, and give updates on projects that are still ongoing, in the hopes that people will join in on them, or bring their own projects to the upcoming events that we plan to hold at the end of the year.