Hackerspace Beercology presented at ToorCamp 2014

by Matt 'openfly' Joyce,

Summary : NYC Resistor is housed at 87 3rd Ave in Brooklyn NY. The Warehouse it is in was once part of a sprawling complex that made up the Long Island Brewing Company and later the Federal Brewing Company. The brewery closed in 1907 after 50+ year operating span. Matt being an avid home brewer embarked on a quest to find out enough about the now 100+ year old brewery to brew a beer that would possibly have been brewed there in it’s hayday.
This talk will go into detail on some of the techniques used to identify information about the old brewing processes, the building, and the general archeological tools available to a hacker / homebrewer. It will also present some interesting and entertaining finds. And should all go well with current efforts, a recipe for a beer that is in line with what would have been made at NYC Resistor over 100 years ago.