Speaking the Local Dialect: Exploiting differences between IEEE 802.15.4 Receivers with Commodity Radios for fingerprinting, targeted attacks, and WIDS evasion presented at WiSec 2014

by Ryan Speers, Sergey Bratus, Travis Goodspeed, Rebecca bx Shapiro, Ira Ray Jenkins, David Dowd.,

Summary : N/A

Ryan Speers: Ryan Speers and Ricky Melgares are Computer Science majors at Dartmouth College, pursuing a senior honors thesis in Zigbee security under Professor Sergey Bratus. So far, their thesis work has entailed receiving an accidental forwarding of a vendors internal email thread discussing the cons of us being security researchers wanting to buy their products, getting caught by campus security physically probing a sensor network, ripping apart the 802.15.4 and ZigBee protocols frame by fame, and spoofing these frames for a variety of attacks. They wish to remind you that “your RF is showing” and that wireless injection is king.

Sergey Bratus: Sergey Bratus is a Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. He enjoys wireless and wired network hacking and tries to help fellow academics to understand its value and relevance. Before coming to Dartmouth, he worked on machine learning for natural text processing at BBN Technologies. He has a Ph.D. In Mathematics from Northeastern University.