Building Skills, Understanding and Influencing People presented at BsidesLasVegas 2014

by I Cavalry,

Summary : The directed sessions will use a facilitated Question and Answer format called A&Q. In this format, a primary speaker will cover the topic at a high level for 10 minutes, priming the audience for a 15 minute interactive discussion into specific audience questions.
12:00 A&Q Session: Public Policy (Paul Rosenzweig)
12:30 A&Q Session: Communications/Presentation (Keren Elazari)
13:00 Lunch Session: Guilds (Chort0)
13:30 Lunch Session: Biggest surprises (Josh Corman)
14:00 A&Q Session: Media (Jen Ellis)
14:30 A&Q Session: Disclosure (Katie Moussouris)
15:00 A&Q Session: Legal (Andrea Matwyshyn)
15:30 A&Q Session: Public Policy (NKryptr)
16:00 A&Q Session: Burnout ()
16:30 A&Q Session: X Altruism (Andrea)
17:00 A&Q Session: Career (Beau Woods)
17:30 Wrapup and Next Steps (Josh Corman)
Media - Journalists and media are a powerful way to influence public perception and to get our message out. They have their own internal operations and public interface that we can tap into like an API.
Legal - The legal system has a regular and standardized set of processes, outcomes and roles. Understanding these is key to influencing precedent so that it reflects the current technical landscape.
Public Policy - Understand the influencers, decision makers and processes that go into making new laws and administering existing ones.
Career - How you choose and follow your career path shouldn’t be a random walk and shouldn’t be set in stone. Use your career to maximize your satisfaction and impact.
Burnout - The complex state of Burnout is one that affects many in our industry, but help and resources are rare. Learn what it looks like and how to deal with it.
X Altruism - Extreme Altruists go out of their way to try and do the right thing, regardless of what others may think or what harm they may face. But these features can become bugs if they don’t find the right outlet.
Disclosure - Handling the delicate issue of notifying manufacturers about security vulnerabilities when packets meet blood and bone.
Communications - Many of us are less afraid of shaking hands with SSL or modems than real people. But that doesn’t mean we can’t effectively get our ideas across to manufacturers, managers, politicians or parents.