We Hacked the Gibson! Now what? presented at BsidesLasVegas 2014

by Philip Young,

Summary : IBM has been touting the security of the mainframe for over 30 years. So much so, that the cult of mainframers believes that the platform is impenetrable. Just try showing how your new attack vector works and you'll be met with 101 reasons why it wouldn't work (until you prove them wrong of course). This talk will take direct aim at the cultist! Previous talks about mainframe security only got you to the front door. Leaving many asking 'great, I got a userid/password, now what?!'. That's what this talk is about: the ‘Now what’. You'll learn a few new techniques to penetrate the mainframe (without a userid/password) and then a bunch of attacks, tricks and mischief you can do to further maintain that access, find important files and really go after the mainframe. During this very Demo Heavy talk you'll learn how to take advantage of APF files, SSL key management, cgi-bin in TYooL 2014, what NJE is and why it's bad, why REXX and SETUID are dangerous and how simple backdoors still work (and will likely go undetected).