PropLANE: Kind of keeping the NSA from watching you pee presented at defcon 2014

by Russ Rogers, Ryan Clarke, Rob Bathurst, Mark Carey,

Summary : No one likes to be watched, especially on the Internet. Your Internet…habits are only for you to know, not ISPs, hotels, government agencies, your neighbor, that creepy guy down the street with the cantenna, or anyone else. With your privacy in mind; we’ve combined two things every good hacker should have, a Propeller powered DEF CON badge (DC XX in our case) and a somewhat sober brain to turn the DC badge (with some modifications) into an inline network encryption device. This modified badge, loving called the PropLANE, will allow you to keep your peer-to-peer network traffic away from the prying eyes of the aforementioned creepy guy down the street and impress all the cool hacker peoples of the gender you prefer.