Hack All The Things: 20 Devices in 45 Minutes presented at defcon 2014

by Amir ( zenofex ) Etemadieh, Cj Heres, Mike Baker, Hans Nielsen,

Summary : When we heard “Hack All The Things,” we took it as a challenge. So at DEF CON this year we’re doing exactly that, we’re hacking everything. We’ve taken all of our previous experience exploiting embedded devices and used it to bring you a presentation filled with more exploits than ever before™. This presentation will feature exploits for over 20 devices including but not limited to TVs, baby monitors, media streamers, network cameras, home automation devices, and VoIP gateways. Gain root on your devices, run unsigned kernels; it’s your hardware, it’s internet connected, and it’s horribly insecure.
We will also be following last year’s tradition of handing out free hardware to assist the community in rooting their devices. This year we will have a select number of eMMC adapters for presentation attendees.