Advanced Red Teaming: All Your Badges Are Belong To Us presented at defcon 2014

by Eric Smith, Josh Perrymon,

Summary : By definition ”Red Teaming” or Red Team testing originated from the military whereby describing a team whose primary objective is to penetrate the security controls of “friendly” institutions while evaluating their security measures. The term is widely used today to describe any form or blend of logical, physical and social based attacks on an organization. Since the early 2000’s, LARES’ core team members have been presenting on and performing advanced Red Team attacks against all verticals and have a 100% success rate for organizational compromise when performing full scope testing.
Fresh out of the think tank of Layer 8 Labs (the R&D division of LARES) and tested in the streets on numerous engagements, this talk will focus specifically on badge access control systems, inherent flaws in their design and demonstrate direct and blended attacks against them. Live demonstrations will be given to show how these flaws lead to facility and system compromise, even against the most secure access control systems and card types being sold to the market today. Custom built tools by the LARES team members will be demonstrated throughout the talk and an interactive discussion will be held at the end of the presentation to discuss current mitigation strategies and industry needs to thwart these attacks going forward.