Straddling the Next Frontier: How Quantum Technologies Have Already Begun Impacting the Cyber Security Landscape presented at BSidesOttawa 2014

by Eric Jodoin,

Summary : Theoretical designs of quantum computing are progressively transmuting into practical applications. But, how soon will such practical applications become available? How will it impact the Cyber Security landscape? As cyber security professionals, what must we know and what must we start doing today to be ready?
The simple truth is that quantum computing technologies have already begun impacting the cyber security landscape through current and nascent practical applications. Therefore, we already have one proverbial foot over the quantum computing fence. Therefore, it behooves us as Cyber security professionals to understand the current and emerging threats that Quantum Computing represents and begin to posture our defenses accordingly sooner rather than later. And, to ensure we are ready to take full advantage of quantum computing opportunities as they becomes available to us.