Corralling Shadow IT and Enabling Secure Adoption of Cloud Services presented at IAPP 2014

by Harold Byun, Andy Radle,

Summary : The word is out on shadow IT. The extent may vary from company to company, but with the average enterprise now using 738 cloud services, the question is not, Do we have a Shadow IT problem? but rather, What do we do about it? During this session, Andy Radle, cloud security architect from HP, will share the process his team is developing for corralling shadow IT and enabling secure adoption of cloud services at HP. The panel will offer strategies for 1) identifying the scope of shadow IT, 2) understanding the “enterprise-readiness” of shadow IT apps, 3) establishing policies and decision-making criteria, 4) implementing remediation actions such as block vs. educate and 5) consolidating and standardizing cloud services to reduce risk and cost.
What you’ll take away:
· Understand relevant industry data on size and scope of shadow IT
· Proactive approaches to choose “enterprise-ready” cloud services and encourage their use within the enterprise
· Strategies to seamlessly enforce security and compliance policies across cloud services