Metasploit: Hacking Like In The Movies presented at Blackhat USA 2004

by Hd Moore,

Tags: Security Development

Summary : The Metasploit Framework has
progressed from a simple network game to a powerful tool for
administrators and security analysts alike. Over the past several
months, the Framework has been enhanced with improved exploit techniques
and a truly advanced suite of payloads. This presentation provides a
background on what exploit frameworks are, what they can provide you,
and why you should be using one. A live demonstration will highlight
many of the advanced features of the Framework, describe how they can be
used to accomplish a variety of tasks, and show that the technology for
"hacking like in the movies" is already available today. Attendees will
be provided with an early-access copy of version 2.2 of the Metasploit
Framework; which includes a number of techniques and exploit modules
that are not publicly available anywhere else. Additionally, this
release is the first version of the Framework to include a development
kit for creating your own custom modules.