IOT: How I Hacked My Home presented at SecT 2014

by David Jacoby,

Summary : It is very often we hear about these over hyped new terms in the IT-security industry, at the moment one of those terms is IoT (Internet of Things). We can read about how security researchers or hackers have found vulnerabilities in futuristic software and hardware such as refrigerators with network access or other products that we have a problem relating too. Their research is very good, but if you as a reader cannot relate to the attack, the research is not received in the proper way. I think it can be important to try to predict the future and conduct proactive security research. But I think it is even more important to talk about what’s relevant, and determine what the current threat level is. This is maybe even more important when it comes to “Internet of Things” because it is a very futuristic topic. I started to think about this topic, and thought if we can’t secure our self’s against current threats, what good does it do to identify potential new futuristic threats? I then decided to try to change that mindset and conduct research which I thought was relevant, trying to identify how easy it would be to hack someone’s home? Is the devices connected to our network vulnerable? What can the attacker actually do against these devices? Is my home “hackable?”