5,500 hackers + Your code = ??? presented at SourceBoston 2014

by Casey Ellis,

Summary : There's an asymmetry in the way we approach security today... The threat takes the form of lots of hackers, with lots of different skill-sets and diverse motivations - And the majority of them aren't being paid by the hour to attack your stuff. Contrast this with the paid by the hour consultants and in-house resources. It's not that the good guys aren't smart, it's that the model is fundamentally disadvantaged. Crowdsourcing security testing through bug bounty programs engages a crowd of "good guys who think like bad guys" and economically incentivizes them the same way the bad guys are. Casey likes solving problems. He's the Founder and CEO of Bugcrowd, a company which provides a platform to manage bug bounty programs. He's also an Aussie who has difficulty with words that end with "er".