Software Defined Radio (8h)10:00am (8h) Software Defined Radio presented at BSidesDC 2014

by Tim Kuester,

Summary : This track is designed to give students a gentle (yet practical) introduction to SDR with GNU Radio. Topics will range from "party tricks” like tracking airplanes, to fundamental signal processing math, and reverse engineering. Feel free to bring your laptop for the workshop at the end of the class. Although you won’t need a physical radio, feel free to bring them along if you have one!
If you want to follow along, please make sure you have GNU Radio 3.7.x, gqrx, and your radio drivers installed and working. While I can help troubleshoot a few things with the install procedure, its best to have that ironed out before class begins. If you’re utterly stuck, download the GNU Radio Live DVD!
Track Outline:
Fundamentals of (Wireless) Communication
Plug’n Play: Track All the Things
Gazing Into the Abyss: Signal Processing Math
Mini Hackfest (aka: Lunch is for the Weak)
Pulling Bits out of Thin Air: The Ubiquitous ASK Radio
Reverse Engineering a Wireless Alarm System