Opening Acts: How Attackers Get Their Big Breaks presented at BSidesDC 2014

by Chuck Willis, Evan Peña,

Summary : Every security incident has to start somewhere. Sometimes the attacker gets into an organization via phishing. Other times they use SQL injection. Or, they may use an off-the-shelf exploit kit, mass malware, drive-by attack, ‘l33t 0-day exploits, access via other compromises, or some other technique like 2014’s vulnerability à la mode: HeartBleed™.
This presentation will provide a look at the recent trends and novel techniques we have seen in how attackers gain their initial foothold in victim networks. Specific case studies will be discussed that illustrate the types of vulnerabilities and systems targeted by attackers. Methods to prevent intrusions using the different vectors will also be covered, along with potential mechanisms to detect the attacks. For the penetration testers and other offensive minded individuals in the audience, we’ll also discuss the tools used by the attackers and how to replicate the incidents.