OPSEC FOR THE AGE OF EGOTISTICAL GIRAFFE presented at HackInTheBoxMalaysia 2014

by The Grugq, Emmanuel Gadaix,

Summary : In the post-Snowden era OPSEC has become all the rage, but how does one apply true operational security to real life activities? OPSEC is more than just using a few tools, like PGP or Tor, and is about using counterintelligence fundamentals to protect the right information from the right adversary.
This talk will provide a grounding in basic counterintelligence principles and expand them to operational security guidelines. It will explore the intersection of real life operational requirements and real security practices.
A number of new and improved tools for personal security will be introduced and integrated into an operational workflow. These tools include an improved PORTAL, the new invisible.im, and security tools for mobiles.