Building the Next Generation of Cyber Defenders: Cross-Training Wounded Warriors to help Protect and Defend the Nation's Information Systems presented at ISSAinternationalcon 2014

by Jim Wiggins,

Summary : Today’s cyber attacks are continuing to become more technically astute and effective. Gone are the
days of simple denial of service attacks targeting websites and other Internet-facing IT systems. Today’s
attacks are targeting the intellectual property and economic foundations of organizations in every
industry, vertical and country. The theft of such information is a common occurrence as critical
information systems are infiltrated through Internet connections and vital economic capital, critical
technologies, and other forms of national wealth are being plundered. Real-life events demonstrate
that those organizations that employ highly technical cyber security professionals in areas such as
incident response, network defense, and penetration testing or forensics analysis are in the best
position to identify, quarantine and remediate today’s cyber threats. The differentiator is not just a
device or appliance. There is a critical need for people who are able to use judgment and analysis at a
deep technical level that can make the difference. The problem for our nation is this: we don’t have
enough people with the right mix of technical cyber security skills to adequately protect and defend all
the information systems. The need is real. The supply of trained personnel is limited. Something needs
to be done. This presentation will discuss an advanced training and assessment program currently in
development by the Federal IT Security Institute to arm our wounded warriors with technical skills that
supplement their existing dedication, patience, and devotion to duty, thereby strengthening national
cyber defenses.