Threats & Response: Updates, Forensics, Law Enforcement, eDiscovery presented at ISSAinternationalcon 2014

by Jon Clay,

Summary : Approximately four years ago, Trend Micro’s Forward Threat Research (FTR) team began investigating
the people behind SpyEye, which eventually helped lead to this historic arrest. The FTR team decided
that by pursuing the cybercriminals themselves instead of just their servers, permanent damage could
be done to the entire criminal underground. In this presentation, hear the back story of how SyeEye was
taken down; understand how the team mapped out the infrastructure used to support the malware,
identified weak points in that infrastructure, and pursued important leads, pointing to the identities of
individuals behind this virus; and hear the details of how Trend Micro and other vendors worked with
law enforcement in order to help them make the arrest. Attendees will learn best practices when
partnering with law enforcement and government bodies which continues to prove effective in bringing
cybercriminals to justice. Attendees will learn:
 Learn strategies for bringing public and private enterprises to the table to set objectives
 Hear best practices in working with law enforcement and government toward a common goal
 Understand why law enforcement and the security community need to work together to stop
cybercrime as neither group, working alone, can protect users as effectively.