2014 Year of the Mega Breach – Fight Back with a Layered Defense presented at ISSAinternationalcon 2014

by Katheryne Pelak,

Summary : From Spam to Heartbleed and everything in between – protecting your business is well past just
antivirus. Whether you are a large or small business there are bad guys looking to exploit any
vulnerability they can find in your systems. Today smart business protection calls for a layered defense
strategy. The stats are scary:
 Eight of the breaches in 2013 exposed more than 10 million identities each
 1 in 566 websites have malware
 Ransomware attacks grew 500% in 2013
Join Us To Learn How To:
 Stop threats before they even make it to your network
 Leverage the wisdom of the crowd and only accept files and websites based on reputation
 Monitor in real-time file behavior and block suspicious activity