Code your (p)own Flight Simulator presented at t2InfoSecCon 2014

by Hugo Teso,

Summary : On my previous talks on Aviation Security I always stopped after the exploitation of the target systems, and even little details on the exploitation itself were released. It's time to change that.
On this talk I will go as deep as possible in all the details that make exploitation of avionic systems different from common exploitation techniques. In order to do so, a brief explanation on avionic systems development would be shown including standards, languages, frameworks and platforms.
After that I will move into post-exploitation. For that I would focus on the most modern airliners, as those airplanes employ the most modern technologies, like Glass Cockpit and IMA, and offer the best playground for post-exploitation. Everything would be shown on practical demos, from the development of avionic systems to their exploitation and post-exploitation.
Hugo Teso works as a security consultant at n.runs professionals GmbH in Germany. He has been working on IT security for the last 12 years, mainly in Spain. Also being a commercial pilot, he soon focused his attention on aviation security. Together with the development of some open source projects, like Inguma and Bokken, he has spent a lot of time on aviation security research and has presented some of the results in conferences like RootedCon, HITB, T2, SEC-T and CyCon.