Three Stories of Three Targets presented at t2InfoSecCon 2014

by Antti Tikkanen,

Summary : In this presentation, we will look at three case studies of targeted attacks we have analyzed at F-Secure Labs. In each case, the attackers, their motivation and tools are very different. We'll see how each of the attacks worked on a technical level and what we think the attackers were after. An attack against an individual entrepreneur is very different from an attack against an entire industry sector, and we think the first step to protecting yourself is knowing your enemy. We hope these case studies will help you do that.
Antti Tikkanen is the head of Security Response at F-Secure Labs, where he started working 10 years ago in the team that created the first commercial rootkit scanner for Windows, F-Secure BlackLight. Nowadays he leads the teams responsible for malware analysis and other security-related services at F-Secure.