No Matter Where You Go, There You Are - Security answers you may not remember you already know. presented at BSidesDelaware 2014

by Bob Stratton,

Summary : General Partner, Mach37 You've all heard the Santayana quote about forgetting the past and being doomed to repeat it. People have been pondering computer security problems, doing research and inventing things since at least October of 1972. As with any field, people sometimes had ideas that were impractical, difficult to implement, or just too far ahead of their time. This talk will explore the possibility that real solutions to difficult problems may be right in front of us, but forgotten. Some mitigations upon which we depend everyday are mere approximations of what researchers originally had in mind. People who are interested in building secure systems and networks, those who want to understand underlying concepts of hardware security enforcement and network segmentation, and those who want to know why what we're doing often hasn't worked. Bob Stratton (@strat) is General Partner at Mach37, a business startup accelerator for information security product companies and a member of the Black Hat Content Review Board. He has worked as a pen tester (before you could buy it in a box), security officer for a tier-1 ISP, in the first commercial network IDS startup, and as a venture capitalist. He believes that the biggest win is when you do well by doing good. When he's not looking at security companies, he likes to scan satellites, fly airplanes, build radios, and mess with fragrance chemistry. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are: @strat from @MACH37cyber on why we may already have security answers & not remember them