CERT.at's Daily Business in a Nutshell presented at DeepSec 2014

by Christian Wojner,

Summary : This talk provides exclusive insights in the daily business of the national computer emergency response team (CERT) of Austria - CERT.at. One learns about what a national CERT really does, how it's done, and provides answers to questions like what is nationally relevant and what is not, how to find the most appropriate point of contact, or even how many people it takes. Hence this talk dives deep into the specific details even explaining the actually used tools - publicly available ones as well as homebrewn software.
Christian Wojner is one of the core team members of the national and governmental computer emergency response team of Austria (CERT.at). In this respect he is responsible for malware analysis, reverse engineering and forensical investigations on Microsoft Windows boxes. Furthermore Christian is author of various articles, technical papers, software tools, and frequently gives talks specifically focusing malware analysis.