The New Battle - Engaging the Modern Cyber Enemy presented at CISOchicago 2014

by Robert Jamieson, Steve Wenc,

Summary : Sun Tzu once said, ‰ÛÏIf you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.‰Û Successful organizations have long had just this kind of understanding about their own environment and their malicious adversaries. Yet today's security executives find themselves in a shifting landscape wherein the old ‰ÛÏwall and moat‰Û mentality no longer works. To adapt, the security team at UL views their enemies as insurgents ‰ÛÓ innovative, dangerous, working from safe havens that can't be reached. To fight and win, UL has developed a counter-insurgency mindset and strategy that has helped them re-invent every aspect of their security approach.