Eve, Mallory, Ocean's 11, and Jack Bauer: Adversaries Real and Imagined presented at Kiwicon 2014

by Morgan Marquis-boire,

Summary : In a post-Snowden world, it seems everywhere you turn you are faced with nation-state hacking, global network adversaries, hardware interdiction, baseband exploits, firmware backdoors, network injection, cyborg aliens, and a plethora of other threats. Once the realm of the underground, the black market, and intelligence agencies, intrusion and implant capabilities are now sold at trade shows for dictator pocket change. This talk will discuss the nature of targeted and untargeted surveillance, exploitation and intelligence gathering contrasted with the dangers faced by high risk users. We'll examine the commercialization of offensive technologies and the targeting of journalists, human rights workers, and activists. Drawing on original research and first hand case studies, this talk will discuss attacks on real people by real adversaries while attempting to provide a useful framework to enable sane operational security planning.