Eradicating the Human Problem presented at Kiwicon 2014

by Laura Bell,

Summary : People are a problem. We are tangled balls of emotional detritus that masquerades as a trusted member of society. Underneath this lacquered veneer of respectability however writhes a tiny pink squishy ball of vulnerability - the root of all evil, well the root of security issues anyway.
Let me tell you a story, let me bend your brain and make you feel uncomfortable. I want to show you why we are all our own worst enemies, why we should never ever be trusted and why security people are the worst of them all.
Then, I will cross the creepy line and introduce AVA, the first prototype automated human vulnerability scanner. A tool for automatically mapping networks of people, attacking them and measuring the results. A tool for spotting the weak link in an organisation.
A tool to help remove the squishy human element of human security. This is the future, a first step towards a greater good or a dystopian nightmare.
You're welcome.