Cyberwar before there was Cyber: Hacking WWII Electronic Bomb Fuses presented at Kiwicon 2014

by Peter Gutmann,

Summary : While the Allies went to war with mechanical and chemical bomb fuses whose origins dated back to the 19th century, Germany put a large amount of effort in the 1920s and 1930s into designing and fielding high-tech electronic fuses, which were far more reliable and versatile than standard chemical and mechanical ones. This led to an ongoing arms race that lasted throughout most of the war, with Allied bomb disposers coming up with increasingly ingenious ways of hacking the fuses and German armourers countering with ever-more- fiendish fuse designs. This talk covers the details of the contest between the attackers and defenders, and time and OSH regulations permitting will conclude with a demo of defusing a live 2000kg bomb[*].
[*] No it won't.