From Vim Muggle to Wizard in 10 Easy Steps presented at BSidesSLC 2015

by Erik Falor,

Summary : Vi is more than just a text editor; it has become a way of life for power users who can get more done than their peers who use traditional pointy-clicky editors. In this talk you will uncover an unseen world inhabited by Wizards who effortlessly modify their text using powerful commands built upon surprisingly simple concepts. It is my goal is to invite you into this world and to arm you with 10 of the most useful Vi concepts, giving you the biggest personal productivity boost that can be had in 50 minutes. We will discuss the most successful Vi clone of them all, Vim, which is available on just about any platform you might encounter and has been actively developed for over 20 years. We will also explore Neovim, a project that seeks to modernize and streamline the world's best editor.