How to Prevent Eavesdropping on Office VoIP Calls presented at BSidesSLC 2015

by Dmitry Dessiatnikov,

Summary : Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows for the voice and multimedia traffic to be sent as data packets over an IP network and its numerous benefits resulted in VoIP wide adoption in the enterprise. VoIP inherited the security issues of the IP protocol that did not exist in the circuit switched systems and that are often overlooked in the real world. Ever wondered how easy it is to eavesdrop on a VoIP call at the office? This presentation will cover and demonstrate the common flaws of VoIP implementations that expose office VoIP conversations to eavesdropping. The recommendations that apply to most VoIP implementation will be covered, followed by the specific fixes with for the most commonly deployed in business Cisco Unified Communications solution and Cisco IP phones.