How to design your 'You got hacked' page presented at CarolinaCon11 2015

by Old Gregg,

Summary : Sometimes Old Gregg has a whipsy too much of the funk's sweet, sweet funk shakes. Tonight Old Gregg trulled around the Internet to let off some of that excess funk. And found 30 different defacement pages on one website. In this talk, we will cover a brief history of website defacement, some of the more notable defacement in the last few decades, and a snap by snap review of 30+ defacement pages listed on a single website.
You've pwned a server, now what? You have to show the world what a l33t h4x0r you are by tagging it with something that shows visitors of your compromised site that you are to be feared and just like the guys in the movies, but you don't want to look like a skiddie (even though you totally are). This talk goes through modern examples of compromise splash pages including the latest in HTML 1.0, animated gifs, profuse use of the blink tag, scrolling text, and background music. We will go through notable examples and critique them.