Phony Business - What Goes Around Comes Back Around presented at CarolinaCon11 2015

by Snide , Unregistered ,

Summary : Exploring the phone system was once the new and exciting realm of “phone phreaks,” some of the first “hackers.” When personal computers became more pervasive, however, BBS(s) and, eventually, the Internet shifted the focus of the information and telecommunication security community. Voice security, and telephony in general, has become, over time, something of a mystery - something more akin to voodoo or black magic. Dial plans? The stuff of legend and nightmares.
In this presentation we will attempt to change that perception. Starting with a journey back in time, we will briefly take a look at telephone system evolution and the attacks early systems faced, with our journey ending at today’s "advanced" VoIP systems. Though systems have become more complex, some of the same basic attacks are still prevalent and exploitable. The transition to VoIP has created opportunities for a variety of new attack vectors as well. Come with us on an expedition through time, space, and telephony, as we explain how voice systems are targeted, how they are attacked, and how to defend them with demonstrations and practical tips along the way.