Elevator Obscura: Industry Hacks & Answers to all Your Odd Questions About Those Magical Moving Rooms presented at CarolinaCon11 2015

by Deviant Ollam, Howard Payne,

Summary : You may have seen Howard and Deviant talk about Elevator Hacking at events like HOPE in NYC or DEFCON in Las Vegas. However, the limited time windows for those talks meant restricting the content to the basics. In the intimate and booze-fueled atmosphere of CarolinaCon, however, it is their pleasure to share with you some of the more obscure sides of the elevator and escalator industry. See photos and hear tales of some of the more bizzare hacks and mods that constructors and elevator techs have used to just get the system working in the past. Most of all, we invite you to ask us all of the odd questions that you may have been pondering all your life as you ride between floors. This would be a fully-featured talk wherein we discuss "hacks" and "tricks" that the industry has implemented at times in order to "just make it work"