iOS 678 Security - A Study in Fail presented at Syscan 2015

by Stefan Esser,

Summary : With the release of iOS 6 that came with a large number of new security mitigations many information security professionals predicted the end of public jailbreaking, because developing exploits would be just too expensive to give away for free. But here we are, Apple just released iOS 8.1.2 and the current jailbreak was fixed in mere hours to adjust to this new release.
In this session we will discuss the exploit chains used to produce the iOS 6, 7 and 8 jailbreaks and show how Apple repeatedly made jailbreaking newer iOS versions easier by incorrectly fixing vulnerabilities, patching them only after a long time or not fixing them at all. We will furthermore discuss how this helps state sponsored attacks and why there is a change of guard in the jailbreaking community from western hobbyist to well funded chinese hackers.