Game Over, Does the CISO get an Extra Life? presented at Troopers 2015

by Richard Rushing,

Summary : Each new year, brings new challenges, new attacks, new defections, new groups attacking, new requirements and usually zero reinforcements. Not a game many would want to play or even be good at playing. So how does security leadership accept the challenge and attempt to get high-score? We examine aspects of classic models and the "wack-a-mole strategy", looking a issues and solutions for:
Incident Response
Cloud Strategy
Shadow IT
"Due Care"

Richard Rushing: Mr. Richard Rushing is the Senior Director of Information Security for Motorola. He has been implementing security solutions for the last twenty years at Enterprises around the world. At Motorola he has lead the security effort in protection of intellectual property. As a founder and Chief Security Officer for AirDefense, Richard has address wireless security as it affects the enterprise, and is viewed as a leading wireless security expert and has written several white papers and articles on wireless security. A much-in-demand speaker on information security, Richard has presented at many leading security conferences and seminars around the world.