JURASSIC SAP presented at Troopers 2015

by Juan Perez-etchegoyen, Sergio Abraham,

Summary : What you learned in school is that dinosaurs have been extinct for the last 65 billion years... but what you may not know is that you can still find a fearless and dangerous species in today's business critical applications. Join us in this talk to learn about products that you will find in every SAP implementation which are used for managing, searching and indexing sensitive business information. We will introduce you to SAP T-REX, which is an advanced search engine used to support all the text search processes on SAP products, such as ERP, Portal, Netweaver and Fiori and many others. Actually, in most cases companies are already running this engine, even though you don't know you have it installed. We will then get into further details about the internals (files, protocols, services, settings...) of how this product works, showing novel techniques that attackers could be using to access your most valuable business information. Finally, we will show you how to prevent the extinction of your business critical information by protecting all of your systems in a holistic way, end-to-end, preventing espionage and privilege escalation attacks.