Breaking In: How to hack your way to a Cybersecurity career, and how to hack it if you already have one presented at 44ConCyberSecurity 2015

by Steve Lord,

Summary : Many people on the red side of the information security fence look at systems all the time and break them. When you walk into a room you’re checking for exits and CCTV cameras. When you get a router or a new digibox from your ISP, you’re sat there wondering what else it does and whether or not you want it on your network. We apply our mindset to most things except people, including ourselves because we’re trained to hack systems.
People are a system. You are a system. Your career is a system.
Whether your starting out or a seasoned pro, you can apply the principles of hacking to your career to raise your career profile, influence the things the matter to you and make better career judgements. From pay rises to CVs, from job applications to interviews. Everything’s open to be hacked, so let’s hack it!
Based on content from my 30 day e-mail course on how to hack your career and my upcoming book, Breaking In: The Pentester’s Hidden Handbook, this workshop will teach you the basics of hacking your career.
In this workshop you will learn how to:
* Hack your CV
* Build a targeted profile for the job you want
* Use OSINT to find the right certs and experiences
* Manage recruiters
* Hack a phone interview
* Hack a face-to-face interview
Over 700 people have learned how to hack their career on my free 30-day career hacking by email course at Hacking your career can be the difference between an unrewarding job and the career you want. This workshop is being delivered exclusively for the first time at 44CON Cybersecurity. If you’re not hacking your career, you’re only stealing from your own potential. Book your 44CON tickets now as this workshop is expected to fill up quickly.