Hacking the Job Market, presented at BSidesIOWA 2015

by Josh More,

Summary : There is considerably more skill in the IT and security communities than is reflected in the jobs people are able to attain. Most people's limiting factor in their ability to get better jobs is not technical skills or even the soft skills necessary to do well in a new job. It is that getting a job is a completely different skill set and one that most people only practice every few years. We live in a world where our personal data is no longer ours to control. Fortunately, that applies to our prospective employers as well. It's time to turn the world's proliferation of data to our advantage. This presentation explains the job hunting process, why the most commonly followed models fail and how to better approach the search. It covers deciding to leave your current job, researching new possible job opportunities, targeting your new boss, controlling the job interview process and negotiating your new compensation and the departure from your current job.