Abyss or Turning Point: Strategy, Skills and Tradecraft in the Age of 21st Century Warfare presented at Infiltrate 2015

by Ray Boisvert,

Summary : Ray Boisvert is the former Assistant Director, Intelligence, for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). In this role, Ray’s teams were responsible for priority setting on intelligence collection, along with the execution of the assessment and dissemination functions at CSIS. As an Assistant Director, Ray was also the senior briefer to Government Ministers, Deputies and key external audiences. In his three decades long career, Ray was involved in broad facets of security intelligence operations, from leadership of the Counter Terrorism domain, to driving national security program development relative to Foreign Collection, Data Exploitation, Human Sources, Operational Risk Management and Special Operations. Since launching I-Sec Integrated Strategies (ISECIS) in 2015, Ray has helped a variety of client organizations, from insurance to transportation, make sense of complex operating environments and gain a deeper understanding of intelligence and security in a global context. As such, he delivers business intelligence solutions and guides resilience building around the principles of “pro-active” defense. As a Senior Associate at Hill + Knowlton Strategies (H+K), Ray is also involved in delivering bespoke advice to clients in the area of mergers and acquisitions with potential National Security complexities. In addition, he serves H+K client requirements relative to cyber and insider threat concerns by conveying intelligence-led insights that ensure a strategic position against emerging risks to organizational integrity and sustainability.