Fuzzing OSX At Scale presented at Infiltrate 2015

by Ben Nagy,

URL : https://github.com/bnagy/slides/raw/master/OSXScale.pdf

Summary : In this talk Ben Nagy delves into scaling out OSX fuzzfarms on commodity (i.e. non-Apple) hardware. Ben Nagy will demonstrate a fully working (non-hackingtosh) virtualisation of OSX on Linux using KVM and a better instrumentation harness for doing this kind of work, since crashwrangler makes Ben Nagy vomit, as do run-on sentences and bad grammar and things. Ben Nagy also vows to get shiny new tools like AFL working in a scaled park. The infrastructure will function with centralized C2 and result aggregation. Ben Nagy figures he can get all of this done in 8 weeks. Ben Nagy will release code to be private on the Internet(tm) to Infiltrate attendees only. Read on