Protect Your “Keys to the Kingdom” – Securing Against the Next Inevitable Cyberattack presented at BSidesBoston 2015

by Paul Kozlov,

Summary : The first step in securing a business is admitting there’s a problem: “Hi, I’m a business with valuable data, and I have hackers on my network.”
Perimeter defenses have been rendered useless by sophisticated attackers – which has created the need for a new layer of security on the inside of the enterprise that focuses on limiting hacker movement once they inevitably breach perimeter defenses.
This critical new layer of security focuses on securing privileged accounts – the fulcrum on which all advanced attacks turn. Privileged accounts are exploited in almost every targeted cyber attack. A recent report analyzing the experiences of leading cyber threat investigators revealed that between 80-100 percent of all serious security incidents they’ve investigated featured the “signature” of compromised and exploited privileged accounts in the attack process.
By stealing and exploiting accounts that allow this level of access, attackers are able to gain a privileged foothold which allows them to then elevate privileges to move about the network freely without detection. They are then able to easily infiltrate systems and exfiltrate data.
Attendees of this presentation will get a view into how privileged account exploitation has been used in all recent high profile attacks and will learn how to lock down the “privileged pathway” to their own valuable data in order to avoid similar exploitation.