Marketing: They’re not all Schmucks. presented at BSidesBoston 2015

by Jen Ellis, Josh Feinblum,

Summary : During a security crisis, time is of the essence. Security professionals must act quickly to minimize/contain the threat while simultaneously communicating the potential business impact and proper course of action to both internal and external audiences. Building a strong relationship with colleagues in marketing and PR prior to a crisis will ensure smoother execution and greater efficiency during these high-stress periods of rapid response.
This session will feature a seasoned security practitioner and a corporate communications veteran with extensive experience in reputation and crisis management, and business continuity. They will provide strategies for effective collaboration between the security and marketing/communications teams as part of a rapid response plan, concluding by fielding audience questions around how to foster that partnership and ensure that various business entities are aligned.
In their presentation and in the Q&A portion the speakers will cover:
1. Why it’s worth your time to foster a relationship with your marketing and PR colleagues,
2. How you can derive value from that relationship during times of crisis,
3. Strategies for communicating with different audiences of varying technical expertise, including IT, legal, PR, your customer base, and your board of executives,
4. How to maintain brand reputation in the wake of a security incident.