Red team, blue team or white cell? – Trends in IT and how they force security to behave as an immune system presented at OWASPAppSecEu 2015

by Frank Breedijk,

Summary : The past few decades have been decades of change for IT. IT is no longer the department that operates from within the safe was of your datacenter, but it is the group of people that makes sure that your local IT (if you have any left) works well with your cloud services, interacts smoothly with the systems of your partners and has to deal with increasing consumerization, BYOD and the Internet of things.
This forces security to play a different role in the system, it can no longer be the department of NO, the defends the walls of the datacenter castle, but has to operate more like the a bodies immune system.
This talk wil focus on these developments, their impact on IT and security and how security can adapt to cope and keep the patient alive.