Rebuilding the Credibility of a Security Team presented at SourceBoston 2015

by Paul Davis,

Summary : Many CISOs/CSO and Directors of Security Operations are facing the challenge of increased expectations, misplaced assumptions of responsibility and limited resources to deliver success. This leads to increased frustration within the security teams who are striving to protect their organizations. The rest of the organization often feels that the security team is either not delivering the results or regard IT security as an unwanted, interfering overhead. Paul has been brought in multiple times to rebuild IT security organizations, and turn them into respected and valued teams that deliver results and are relied upon.
This presentation will show how Paul has been able to change the delivery model of the IT security teams, improving morale and efficiency, while simultaneously regaining the respect of other teams within the organizations including audit, IT service delivery, and the business leaders. He has delivered success within Fortune 5 companies, within critical infrastructure organizations and for multiple IT security delivery organizations.