Improving the State of Healthcare Information Security as a Security Investigator presented at SourceBoston 2015

by Roy Wattanasin,

Summary : The time has begun. You have already heard about these warnings from the news and from your security intelligence infrastructure.
The FBI had warned that hackers are or will be targeting your healthcare organization. 2014 was a rough year for data security in the healthcare industry. About 43 percent of breaches came from healthcare per the Ponemon Institute. 2015 has been a trickier and rougher year with one of the largest healthcare breaches reported to date. This talk highlights and walks you through the top four healthcare breaches.
It plans to dive in to the role as a security investigator (using public information), review how/why the breach happened, when it was discovered, how many people were impacted, whom had discovered it and what the organization(s) did to assist and help with the breach. Additionally, the open talk hopes to provide recommendations on how to help prevent the breaches and get comments and feedback from the audience. All references and sources will be provided from the research that has been done. “Time is inevitable, but knowledge and pro-activeness is on your side. “